High gear wear on the BURI E2.2

Tip for mounting the rear flex elements of the Buri E2.2 (this also works for the upgrade kit E2.1).

  • The reverse mounting of the standoffs/flex brackets is preferable, especially on bumpy tracks as well as when there is a lot of grip.
  • This makes the rear a bit stiffer, but the main spur lives longer.


Original French: Psteam RcTeam - BURI Racer France
Conseil pour le montage du flex arrière de la Buri E2.2 idem pour le kit de mise à niveau,il faut privilégier le montage rigide, inverser le montage colonnettes/supports flexibles, surtout sur piste bosselée ainsi qu'à fort grip, sinon la couronne peut s'user prématurément.


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