Wiring tips for the E2.2

Question: Do you have any pictures for the wiring on the E2.2?

Answer: Here are some pictures - the Hobbywing controller XR8sct fits perfectly. In the back the 3 motor cables, in the front the ones to the batteries (could be shorter).

For the connection to the batteries, cables from the charging cables that come with the batteries are used, so no need to solder the 5mm connectors....

The battery connection cable is also one of those. For the motor fan, a short Y-cable (available from Sanwa) is fixed to the controller fan. This plug is easier to reach here for connecting the setup box...

he cable to the receiver is placed between the belt to the other side to the receiver box (or the connection plate to the receiver plate).


Hier ein paar Bilder zur Detailansicht

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